Grantmaking: Let’s Get Creative


Creative, effective, and efficient grantmaking is our bread-and-butter. C3 Legal has decades’ worth of experience to pull upon in helping you develop and refine the right grant-making program for your organization. From traditional grantmaking to cutting-edge grants to for-profits, we’ve seen it all. We can help you understand the legal guideposts in play, why they vary from organization to organization, and what will work best for your organization.

C3 Legal can provide practical, strategic guidance on issues such as:

  • Pre-grant diligence for public charities and private foundations
  • Requirements for expenditure responsibility grants
  • International grantmaking
  • Grants for lobbying and grants to organizations that lobby
  • Program-related investments
  • Grants to collaboratives
  • Grants to fiscal sponsors
  • Requirements in the context of trust-based philanthropy